Cure Your Pain with the Help of Physical Therapy in Davie

Our Services

At Maya Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the best treatment programs customized to your needs. We treat a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions to give you relief from chronic or acute pain, post-accident injuries, sports injuries, work-related injuries, myofascial pain, post-op treatments amongst many others. As a leading physical therapy clinic in Florida, we continue on our journey to be the best physical therapy clinic, providing highly customized and personalized care by a highly trained staff of Licensed Physical Therapists.

Getting treated at Maya Physical Therapy is absolute fun, as many of our clients already vouch for. The moment you arrive at our spacious facility, you would be treated to a personalized physical therapy program, committed to help you recover from your illnesses faster and rejuvenate you internally with a fresh burst of increased energy levels. We would also be following up regularly to ensure that you recover faster and also get to understand and learn the skills required to prevent further injury and maintain top notch fitness levels.Our facility at Davie, Florida is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments.

Over the years, we have treated a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions on a frequent basis. Some of the more common conditions seen at our clinics include the following:

We also offer:

Radial Pressure Wave Therapy – $75 / Treatment

Normatec Pneumatic Compression – $25 / 30 Mins