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McKenzie Method - Back Pain

Maya Physical Therapy & Wellness Center is one of the few physical therapy centers in Florida, offering back pain relief to you by employing the renowned McKenzie Method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy. This method is primarily employed by physical therapists to treat spinal ailments of mechanical origin. Most cases of back pain are mechanical in nature as they arise from deformation of soft tissue rather than due to more serious medical causes. McKenzie method stands out among various other approaches as it is widely recognized and appreciated by orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.

The McKenzie method trained therapist performs a logical and thorough assessment of the spine in order to arrive at a mechanical diagnosis to guide the treatment. For most of the patients, this treatment method entails simple movement exercises with a simple express purpose of pain relief. More importantly, the patient is educated in self-treatment through these exercises so that the patient can self-treat in the future, whenever needed. The primary hallmark of the McKenzie method is to empower patients with self-treatment so that their dependency on various clinicians decreases, thereby promoting cost effectiveness and efficiency. The patients are also advised on how to change their behavior to maximize pain relief and prevent pain from recurring.