Your First Visit | Maya Physical Therapy -

Your First Visit | Maya Physical Therapy

  • Submitting the Documents

    • A smooth documentation process at the frontdesk.
    • Make sure you bring your copy of the filled ‘New Patient Form’, claim details of your insurance plan, proof of ID, method of payment and a prescription of your physical therapy (if any).
    • Submit all these at the frontdesk and relax, while we process these documents.

  • No Prescription? No Worries

    • Don’t have a prescription? Don’t worry.
    • You can still visit Maya Physical Therapy & Wellness Center as per Direct Access

Points to be Noted:

  • 1. Once the frontdesk processes your documents, you will be directed for initial evaluation by your therapist. Should you have a preference for a certain physical therapist, please mention it while getting your appointment scheduled
  • 2. Your therapist shall get to know about your condition a little better by asking questions about your medical history, signs and symptoms, past treatments, any allergies, medical complications or contra-indications that you may be experiencing.

Please feel free to discuss all your concerns and all possible discomforting signs and/or signs of aggravation with your physical therapist.