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Balance Training

An improper gait and an inability to maintain stable positions is one of the reasons for back and neck pain. Older people are more susceptible to ‘abnormal balance’ problems and hence it becomes imperative that you undergo a balance screening. Balance problems primarily occur when one or more of the body parts like vision, muscular system or the inner ear stop working properly. There could be many causes contributing to this like imbalance due to inner ear problems, lack of a sedentary lifestyle, natural aging of bone joints, muscle weakness and medical conditions like Sclerosis, Arthritis, Parkinson’s amongst the notable ones.

We at Maya Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, have physical therapists trained to design a fully customized treatment and exercise program, based on a fully scientific analysis of the results of your ‘Balance Screening’. As part of this exercise program, we take into account your physical capabilities and musculoskeletal structure, and teach you exercises to improve both your static and dynamic balance. Such an exercise program immensely helps you with improving your mobility, resume normal activity levels and reduce the risk and fear of falling.