Premium Service for Car Accident Physical Therapy Davie, Florida

Auto Injuries

Whiplash is a common neck injury that manifests when you have been in an auto accident. Whiplash and other injuries sustained in an auto accident could reduce your mobility and sometimes be debilitating in nature. To reduce pain and prevent disabilities, patients should be referred to a physical therapist as soon as possible as delays result in longer recovery period and escalates the treatment cost.

As a leading physical therapy center in Davie, Florida, we at Maya Physical Therapy specialize in treating motor vehicle accident injuries. Our compassionate physical therapist understands the traumatic experience you have been through and designs a rehabilitation program to help you fully recover and resume all your normal activities.

Whiplash often associates the following symptoms:

* Pain with neck movements

* Severe headaches

* Arm pain, shoulder pain, and numbness

Usually, the symptoms become prominent within first 48 hours of the accident. Unless prompt and proper action is taken, the symptoms can get worse limiting your mobility for rest of the life. Why should you take the risk while we are here? At Maya Physical Therapy center, our professionals will plan and schedule the right rehabilitation program including manual therapy as well as exercises to assist you get relief from the pain while restoring normal movements, endurance, and muscle strength.

Our therapists can best determine the right form of treatment that includes both physiotherapy and medical management and suggest Car Accident Physical Therapy if needed. In most cases, whiplash injuries get better with gentle movements in the initial phase. The right treatment plan, however, can be made only after evaluation of the patient. And we are the pro in doing this.

Our proficient treatment plan uses the following techniques:

* Relaxation

* Rehabilitation exercises

* Manual therapies

* Taping

* Electrotherapy, if needed

* Clinical massage

* Acupuncture

We are equipped with the right equipment to undertake all the therapies mentioned above. Don’t worry; we don’t charge you an arm and a leg. We rather focus on providing clients mostly from Cooper City, Davie, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Weston with the right assistance so they regain mobility as fast as possible.