Why Maya Physical Therapy is the Best Place for PT in Davie?

15 Jun, 2021

Maya Physical Therapy is a renowned center for physical therapy in Davie. We specialize in different types of therapies to promote healing. We believe that healing can be promoted only when focused holistically. We blend Indian values and philosophies of physical therapy with western medicine and try to offer our clients and patients the all-round treatment that will help them get better.

At Maya Physical Therapy, we offer advanced physical therapy that can address many types of pains and injuries and ensure faster healing and gaining back full mobility of your limbs. If you are wondering how we can benefit you, take a look at the following points.

Physical Therapy After Car Accident

At Maya Physical Therapy, we offer car accident physical therapy to address your injuries and pain. A car accident can be traumatic. You might be severely injured and will require surgeries. In this case, your recovery process will be excruciating. But once the wounds heal, you will need to make sure that you can get back the full movement of your limbs. With our physical therapy, you can do that. We will also treat the whiplash injuries that might not be immediately visible but can affect you in a long run.

Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

For a sportsperson, it is of utmost importance to stay fit. But with rigorous practice, your muscles and tendons become overworked which can lead to severe injuries and spasms. This will result in pain and limited movements. Also, if you are in body contact games like basketball or American football, then you will get injured and that will need treatment and physical therapy. At Maya, we offer sports injury physical therapy for helping you recover soon and get back on track.

Healing from Other Injuries

Even if you are in sports or did not happen to be in a car crash, you can get injured. Fall, trips, bad posture, suddenly bumping into something hard, limited movements – all of these can cause injuries that you might not notice at first. But these injuries will cause pain and limit your movements. Also, old injuries can have long lasting effects too. Maya Physical Therapy offers advance physical therapy that will address each of your pain points and heal faster from these injuries and pain.

So, if you are in Davie, Florida, then come to us right away. Call us now at (954)252-9619 now.

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