05 Jun, 2017

Fundamentally, both Physical Therapy and Chiropractic treatment are different treatment methods that share the same core – Correct and treat various physical ailments like back pain, joint pains, migraines, Sports injuries, injuries sustained in accidents etc., However, the difference lies in the approach.

Both forms of treatment have their own benefits. Physical therapy intends to prevent conditions and injuries from flaring up again, whereas, Chiropractic care requires continuous support. Physical Therapy adopts a holistic and gentle approach, allowing the human body’s internal defense mechanisms to activate and repair all physical ailments and injuries by itself, thereby stabilizing your core. Chiropractic treatments inherently focus on ‘adjustments to the spine’, and hence are only beneficial for conditions that stem from the spine. In certain instances, Chiropractors might end up adjusting the spine, even for injuries that are unrelated to it. So, there are chances of Chiropractic treatments needlessly aggravating certain injuries. Physical Therapists are meticulous in their approach, precisely because they focus on removing the root cause of an ailment out of the picture. Chiropractic adjustments must be performed by the Chiropractor repeatedly to correct ailments and injuries.
Think about it. Would you rather get cured for the root cause of your ailment or a mere symptom that might rear its ugly head again? Certainly, I wouldn’t want to subject my body to ‘adjustments’ time and again, irrespective of the nature of the injury or condition that’s affecting it.

We now list three comprehensive reasons why Physical Therapy should be preferred over Chiropractic Treatments.

1. Therapists practicing Physical Therapy are trained to acquire the skill-set of a Chiropractor

Yes. You heard that right. Licensed Therapists are also trained to do those ‘adjustments’ that a Chiropractic therapist does. And when it comes to having a sound knowledge base of performing a myriad of techniques, well-trained Physical Therapists clearly trump Chiropractors. Unlike a Chiropractor who’s trained to give you instant relief, a well trained Physical Therapist focuses on techniques like McKenzie Method, Acupuncture, Acupressure and a range of pre-designed exercises to devise a specialized program. The aim of such a program is to make your body stronger, healthier like you were before and rejuvenate you internally with fresh bursts of increased energy levels.

2. Chiropractic Treatment is limited in its scope

Chiropractic treatment primarily focuses on ‘adjustments to the spine’. But does that mean one can correct any injury or ailment by a mere manipulation of the skeleton and muscles? In certain instances, Chiropractors prefer only manipulation without any other treatment protocol. And that’s precisely because, Chiropractors hardly know more about the way the body works, other than to the extent that they have been trained on. This could potentially lead them to miss out on looking at the whole picture to find out if anything else is wrong. A licensed Therapist treats the human body as a whole despite the fact that sometimes one particular region of the body could significantly affect the rest of the body. This approach helps them uncover injuries or weaknesses that you might not have known existed.

3. Physical Therapy is more comprehensive and customized to your skeletal structure

Not every patient responds well to Chiropractic treatments. Especially true, in cases where your lack of awareness on the nature of conditions or injuries, leads you to a Chiropractor instead of a Physical Therapist. The Chiropractor, by focusing more on skeletal and muscle manipulation, could end up aggravating your existing condition and/or leading to additional injuries. On the other hand, Physical Therapy relies on scientific equipments like Laser, Ultrasound etc., to examine sore spots, weaknesses, injuries and devise the best possible treatment protocol. Such scientific physical therapy methods, ensures you’re treated in the right manner instead of blindly manipulating muscles/spine and making the problem worse. Access to modern medical technology and the knowledge of the overall human body enables a Physical Therapist to be in a better position as compared to Chiropractors, to correct your ailments or injury.

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